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Call Us Today!
(913) 321-9210
Call Us Today!
(913) 321-9210

Shostak Iron and Metal Co., Inc.

700 Kindelberger Road
Kansas City, Kansas 66115

Phone:   913-321-9210    
Fax:       913-321-9215

Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:15pm

In Business Since 1917


1) Prices are per pound and can change frequently. 
2) You must bring in a minimum of $50 worth of material. 

We strive for accuracy with the following prices, however, the prices posted at our recycling center are what we pay if there is any discrepancy.

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Aluminum lithographic printing plates-
Aluminum radiators-
Aluminum / copper radiators-
Aluminum/copper radiator w/steel contamination-
Insulated copper wire-
We Must See to Price
Stainless steel - non-magnetic-
Stainless steel - borings/turnings non-magnetic-
Batteries -
automotive type-lead acid-
Batteries- steelcase forklift type-
Batteries- railroad type-
Electric motors (copper wound)-
Electric Motors w/cast iron case or larger than a basketball-
Electric Motors (aluminum wound)-
Compressors-refrigeration / sealed units-


Refrigeration compressors must be drained of fluids & gas by drilling large holes, saw cuts or torched.  NO EXCEPTIONS

We do not accept material containing any ozone depleting substance such as CFC's and HCFC's, as defined in section 608 of the Clean Air Act, or any material containing PCB's or other hazardous material.  We can not accept anything that contains any fluids. Please call ahead if you have a question about some scrap material.

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